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Due March 15, 2017

Available for WDREF Members for continuing education. Applicants must be:

• a member of a local diocesan organization in the state of Wisconsin

• actively engaged in the religious education ministry in the state of Wisconsin

• intending to remain in the religious education field for at least two more years

• committed to their own professional development (i.e. working towards certification, continuing education units, or a bachelors, master's or postgraduate degree in a field related to religious education)

Scholarship Application

Due October 1, 2016

Steven Gilmour Award
Presented to a degreed professional person actively engaged in parish catechetical ministry on a directorship level. The person should be outstanding in his/her leadership and achievements in the catechetical field and must be a member of WDREF through one of our local organizationsWDREF Board Members are not eligible.

Learn more about the Steven Gilmour Award

Steven Gilmour Award Nomination Form

Henriette M. Mackin Award

Presented to a person or organization, which has given outstanding support to the catechetical ministry in a parish or diocese in the state of Wisconsin. It is open to both paid and volunteer people (i.e. a catechist, priest, secretary, parent, liturgist, janitor, parish organization, etc). Diocesan personnel are not eligible.

Learn more about the Henriette M. Mackin Award

Henriette M. Mackin Award Nomination Form

Due September 30, 2016

Members of WDREF's local organizations may apply for grant money to attend our convention and retreats if parish financial assistance is not available.

2016 Convention Grant Application
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